Liverpool GP Practices Your Extended Access Service update
Dear Patient, 
As you are aware, you are now able to book appointments outside of your standard practice openings hours, they are referred to as Extended Access Appointments.  You can book these appointments by speaking with the reception team at your usual GP Practice during the standard opening hours and they will be able to confirm the next available appointment to you. 
The extended access service has the ability to issue urgent prescriptions, reserve face to face or telephone GP appointments.  In addition to this, I am pleased to share with you that from Tuesday 3rd December 2019 we are able to offer a small number of appointments with a Nurse, alongside appointments with the Advanced Nurse Practitioners.   
Appointments with the Nurse are available to care for patients with the following conditions;
 Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease reviews (COPD)  Asthma review  Diabetes review   Cardiovascular Disease Reviews (CVD) which include: Heart Disease, Stroke, Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)  Hypertension.
We hope these additional appointments provide you with greater flexibility and choice around how you access primary care services.
Yours faithfully, 
Jay Carr  Director of Service Delivery 
Primary Care 24 Head office: 4-6 Enterprise Way, Liverpool L13 1FB 0151 2542553