Adult mental health information

This flyer will provide an overview of what to do when you’re worried about your mental health, as well as what support services you can access.

A mental health crisis often means that you no longer feel able to cope or be in control of your situation. It often involves a sudden or continued worsening of your symptoms. You may feel great emotional distress or anxiety, feel you can’t cope with day to day life, think about suicide or self harm, or experience hallucinations and hearing voices.

Alternatively if you are worried about someone else’s mental health and wellbeing we maybe able to offer advice and support to you. You’re not alone, click on the button above.

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? 

Talk Liverpool is a free NHS service offering psychological therapies to adults who are feeling depressed, anxious, living with a long term health condition that is affecting their mental health or PTSD. The range of treatment programmes are designed to give the right information and to help develop the skills needed to overcome problems.

Contact Talk Liverpool

If you’re worried about yourself or someone else

There are many support services that can help you and your loved ones.

Common mental health problems

There are many different types of mental health problems and symptoms and the following information is a guide to help understand what the problem might be.

If you feel mentally unwell you should seek the advice of your GP. If you feel you need help right now contact your GP or go to your local A&E department. Read more detailed information here.

More support

If you need help or if you are worried about someone else you can find immediate assistance via the following support services:


A national registered charity with local branches, available around the clock to help anyone.


As a national charity, they work towards building a society which speaks openly about suicide and has the resources to help young people who may have suicidal thoughts.

Every Mind Matters

We have expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Zer Suicide Alliance

A collaborative who are all committed to suicide prevention in the UK and beyond.

Live Well Directory

Live Well is a directory of care and support services, activities and information covering Knowsley and Liverpool.

CAMHS for young people

Liverpool CAMHS, which stands for Children’s Adolescent Mental Health Services, is the main service that assesses and provides support to young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties. CAMHS signposts you to the right place so you can get the help you need.


A registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.


You can text us any time, day or night.

Life Rooms

This is a free NHS service providing a safe and welcoming space to meet others, access opportunities and learn about community resources. The Life Rooms offers support for those wanting to take the next steps in their life. Our services are available to anyone. Read all about us here.


HEAL 85258 is free text messaging service available on all major mobile networks for anyone in crisis. It’s a place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help. At the heart of the service is a team of volunteers who take people from crisis to calm every single day.
If you need help, you can always talk to us. Meet some of our urgent mental health support team who can help you at Mersey Care.

Self Help Guides

We have several self help guides available to download in different formats with information available on many issues. These include: abuse, alcohol, anxiety, bereavement, controlling anger, depression and low mood, domestic violence, eating disorders, and many more.

Self Help Guides

Health and Care Videos

We provide clinicians, patients, their families and carers with easily understandable information in an easily accessible way.

View Videos

ORCHA mobile apps

ORCHA is a health app evaluation and advisor organisation. It can help you find mobile apps to assist you in learning more about mental health. Tap on the image below to go the the app directory.

Content provided by One Liverpool, a partnership of local health and care organisations working together to support a healthier, happier and fairer Liverpool for all.

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Content provided by One Liverpool, a partnership of local health and care organisations working together to support a healthier, happier and fairer Liverpool for all.

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