What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Heart failure rehabilitation will help you to understand your condition and how to live well with heart failure.

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The programmes are designed to help your heart and body to function better, resume hobbies and social activities and improve health and wellbeing.

There is evidence that people with heart failure gain significant improvement as a result of attending a cardiac rehabilitation programme. These are usually attended at either a hospital or community venue or can be home based. All exercise programs are individualised, this is done during an initial assessment of your cardiac condition and will take any other conditions that you may have in consideration too. Our patients tell us how useful rehabilitation has been to achieve their goals. That’s completing some of the normal tasks that were such a challenge before, like climbing the stairs, walking the dog or walking to the shops.

Heart failure rehabilitation will help you to improve your understanding of your heart condition so you can learn how to manage your condition and symptoms to live well. The programmes are designed not only to improve your heart function, but will help you to improve other aspects such as your lifestyle, learn how to pace and manage symptoms to function better.

Patients also say that it makes them feel more positive, improves mood and confidence. They are able to share their experiences with other patients with heart failure during the programme.

Heart rehabilitation – access

Many centres offer a variety of services. Some are based in the hospital, but others are out in the community. They may also be able to provide an activity programme that you can do at home, or give you general advice on how to manage your activity levels. The rehabilitation team can help you decide what the best option is for you.

It’s not just about exercise

It’s not only about exercise. Cardiac rehabilitation will help you identify the best way to self manage your condition through good food and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Remember you are entitled to heart failure rehabilitation. Ask your heart failure team when and where you can do it. They will need to refer you for rehabilitation initially and hopefully after the various programmes they’ll be able to let you go to do your own thing. Good luck!

It’s not just what it is and how to do it but it’s the WHY it’s important

Cardiac rehabilitation can be the start of a new chapter. There is plenty of evidence out there that demonstrates how good it is for people living with heart failure. These are examples of patients like you undertaking a cardiac rehabilitation programme which has made their life better.

If you have not been referred to rehabilitation, please ask your heart failure team. See it as another treatment that this time you can enjoy and look forward too.


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